With HEF and partner‘s immediate attention and quick turnaround, we have found their image log evaluations and structural interpretations to be critical pieces in our field development work.

Julie Simard, Senior Geologist, Transglobe Energy Corporation

HEFs willingness to follow up with an interpretation and incorporate changes has been a huge asset to my clients. As a consultant I rely on HEF to deliver high quality results, particularly in wells with unusual or complex geology. Their expertise and commitment to doing it right the first time make them the most cost effective choice over all. I recommend HEF to my clients with no hesitation.

Al Lye P.Eng., President, Al Lye & Associates

HEF has encouraged us to take a much deeper look at the image log data for our McMurray Oil Sands wells. Helping us to see beyond the tadpoles, and to consider what the images tell us about depositional texture, lithology, calculating Vshale and even permeability directions.

Ian Perry, Geologist, Meg Energy Corp.

HEF’s experience and flexibility in helping resolve complex structures has proven to be invaluable and their around the clock availability has been a great advantage for our real-time interpretations of LWD images in the Canadian foothills.

Yvon Lemieux, M.Sc., Senior Geologist, Manitok Energy Inc.

In order to understand the complex geology of our fractured carbonate reservoirs in Iraqi Kurdistan, we needed to be able to identify and describe natural fractures and wellbore damage with the highest confidence. We were able to communicate our specific needs to the staff at HEF, and with their extensive expertise, generate a data set that we could really work with.

Robert Leckenby, PhD. Geol, Senior Geologist, Oryx Petroleum

I wholeheartedly recommend HEF to anyone working on structure plays, naturally fractured reservoirs or the geomechanical datasets associated with Unconventional because they can be counted upon to provide a reliable and neutral third-party assessment of what are often incomplete and complex datasets.

HEF is unique because they have the depth and breadth of experience in a specialization many geoscientists encounter only infrequently. They are able to help clients visualize and communicate their interpretation with the confidence to challenge results.
Approachable, with highest professional standards and integrity, you can expect a quick turnaround and 24 hour on-call support to make sound recommendations to your team and avoid costly errors. Working with HEF on many different projects and in a variety of countries over the past 17 years has been extremely rewarding!

Catherine Huff, P. Geo.

HEF staff have done a fabulous job processing and interpreting FMI data from wells in several basins I have worked in various parts of the world, and I look forward to working with them on any future FMI projects that I will be involved with.

Kevin Root, Geologist

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