Advanced Interpretation

HEF helps in other more advanced areas of borehole image data and well log interpretation in addition to our standard interpretation offerings. Our experts have decades of experience in a wide range of fields relating to well and reservoir performance, understanding structure, paleocurrent and fracture systems from the single-well scale up to the multi-well or whole-field scale.


Field studies and understanding legacy data

One of the largest challenges in dealing with legacy data is that borehole image logs and interpretations are collected over multiple years (often several decades), so they may include data from several service companies, each with their own interpreters, nomenclature and picking style. This makes comparing data of historical wells difficult and makes it a challenge to generate a proper reservoir model.

HEF can help you with this problem. We have been active through most of the history of borehole image logging and as such have the capability of handling data logged 20 years ago (including paper prints or scans) and bring it together with data logged today.


Multi-well cross-sections, fracture population studies and paleocurrent analysis

Our group of allied Geological Consultants can help with building multi-well structural cross-sections and aid in the understanding of structural variations across strike. We can help with fracture population studies beyond simply investigating single well statistics. We will also help you understand paleocurrent data in your dip data, bringing it together into a larger context to understand where your sand channels are trending across your reservoir, all in concise and to-the-point diagrams and reports.

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Multi-well cross section

in compressional fault zone

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Multi-well cross section

in extensional fault zone


Client Testimonial:
HEFs willingness to follow up with an interpretation and incorporate changes has been a huge asset to my clients. As a consultant I rely on HEF to deliver high quality results, particularly in wells with unusual or complex geology. Their expertise and commitment to doing it right the first time make them the most cost effective choice over all. I recommend HEF to my clients with no hesitation.

-Al Lye P.Eng., President, Al Lye & Associates

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