Integration of Core Data

When possible, a comparison between core and image data gives the best chance at fully understanding the features seen in each dataset. Core images (and other data like core tests, descriptions, permeability results, etc.) can be loaded into our software and compared directly with the borehole image log to better understand which features are which, whether some are not captured well by the image log, and to lend better confidence when comparing cored zones to non-cored zones. This kind of compariosn can allow borehole image logs to be used as an inexpensive alternative to coring every well.

HEF can load and integrate any type of core image data including:
  • Slabbed core (white light and UV)
  • Whole core (white light and UV)
  • 360-degree scanned core (white light and UV)
  • CT Core Scan images
  • Sidewall core images

HEF offers services including:
  • Orienting to match the images to pick features like bedding and fractures
  • Confirming the borehole image log interpretation
  • Confirming the lithofacies (lithology) interpretations
  • Calculating optical shale volume (Vsh) in cases where the shales and sands are visually different from each other, such as in
     the Canadian Oilsands
  • Calculating optical secondary (vuggy) porosity

Core data integration is usually done in conjunction with interpretations derived from well logging, so this process is customized to your needs and dependent on your reservoir’s particular characteristics.

slabbed core thumbnail

1:1 scale core and image comparison plot - Above is a comparison of 6-pad electrical borehole image data (right) adjacent to the core photo (red intervals indicate missing core). Click image to enlarge


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